The choice of pumps depends mainly on requirements for flow and pressure and of the necessary interaction between  different pumps’ capacities, in order to achieve the optimal mixture of raw slurry and flushwater pumped to the sandwasher.

According to requirements and positioning in the system, we recommend piston pumps from e.g. GEA which have a very low electric consumption and a very low wear. Or for smaller systems either dry installed or submersible pumps, e.g. from Landia who traditionally supplies high quality and reliable products for slurry handling.

GEA Electromix

The GEA Electromix System includes a low power pump with hydraulically driven piston. This system evacuates dairy manure that has been fully agitated and homogenized from the stable up to the sandwasher system. The pistonpumps are only mounted as tandem pumps to secure a equal pressure. The manure may contain bedding such as straw or sawdust and sand. The Electromix pump can be either wall mounted or floor mounted. 

Landia submersible pump type DG and dry installed pump type MPTK

Landia pumps types DG and MPTK are highly flexible pumps which were developed specifically for pumping slurry with a high content of solids - considerably higher than other pumps on the market. Perfect for all types of slurry!

All  pumps can be equipped with a knife system at the inlet to the pump, which ensures hassle-free operations of slurry containing straw and other solid materials.

An increasing number of dairy farmers use sand for bedding of the cows. The sand is washed out with the slurry and affects the pumps by increasing wear and tear. Landia has developed special materials to extend the pump's lifespan significantly in comparison with a standard pump.