In close co-operation with agricultural experts, consultants in the dairy industry, veterinaries and dairy farmers, OPICON has developed a range of products and acquired unique process knowledge which allows to offer a turn-key solution when it comes to separate sand from slurry, clean the sand and reuse it in the stalls of larger dairy units. Former difficulties handling slurry containing sand can now be eliminated resulting in improved animal welfare and increased profitability.

OPICON’s focus is to develop and market technical solutions and systems for the treatment of slurry containing sand, for farmers in Denmark and abroad. With us, you will find a professional partner capable of delivering high quality and reliable machinery working to your benefit and to the welfare of your livestock.

OPICON is a subsidiary of Stjernholm A/S. Established in 1997 the company develops, manufactures, markets and installs a wide range of quality equipment for domestic and industrial waste water treatment. Stjernholm products are well known for their high quality and reliability. Adapted to the requirements in agricultural applications Stjernholm products create a solid base for the equipment delivered by OPICON.